Just For Laughs: The Stand Up Series (at Sydney Opera House)

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Noodle Markets

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Chilling in 221B.

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Together at last.

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Blue Acrylic Okay? Okay. Friendship Necklaces' giveaway has ended.

Congratulations to tylers-ketchup-queen for winning! 

The necklaces are available on Etsy.

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To celebrate the launch of the new line of products to the partialtojam Etsy store, I’m giving away a pair of the Blue Acrylic Okay? Okay. Friendship Necklaces!

To enter, reblog this post.

I’ll randomly pick a winner on 7th September 2014, 8PM AEST. 

Make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you!

Be sure to check out all the other products in store too!



Last day to enter!

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Anonymous: we can reblog more than once?

Only one reblog will count as an entry, as to prevent spam accounts. 

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Anonymous: the giveaway of the Necklaces is international ?

Yes, of course!

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"The Warehouse" - Episode 49 - I LOVE ELEPHANTS!!!

New Merch News from: charlestrippy
NerdfArt from: partialtojam

Cameos by: edwardspoonhands & fishingboatproceeds


The moment when you’re casually watching an episode of The Warehouse and then, “Holy shit! That’s me!”

Thank you, matthewgaydos, that was a very, very, very nice surprise!

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the sexual tension between you and anyone your age on public transport 

(via liamdryden)

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